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Wing of Misadventure is a metaverse based on the world of Misadventure, originally written by Allyson S.B, the main idea of ​​the project is to create multiple game series based on the universe and make it possible for players to dictate an economy based on crypto tokens.
We believe that we can be an MMO where the ecosystem doesn't just depend on new people joining P2E, but people who have fun with the game sustaining the ecosystem.
We truly believe that:
The formula is not GameFi, it's CryptoFi.

A charming collection

The NFTs in Wing of Misadventure will be mandatory to participate in P2E, but they are also beautiful assets with limited supply, each collection will be part of a season and you can always show it in the game.

The need to be a real game

F2P players are an essential part of the ecosystem, Misadventure's economy doesn't just revolve around new P2E entries, but also F2P players who enjoy the game and buy skins and utilities in our store, for that to happen, Wing of Misadventure must be a real game, not just a pretense.

A fair game for investors and F2P players

Investors can participate in dungeons that will give rewards like NFTs and coins, but NFTs will not give strength perks in the game, only visual perks. F2P players can farm rare items and trade for $MISAD in-game. F2P players can’t farm $MISAD.


With a true PVP mode where your skills matter, everyone will be able to sign up for the PVP mode and reap rewards as long as they pay the $MISAD fee.

Infinite possibilities

An MMORPG can branch out into so many game modes and systems that Wing of Misadventure will never fail to be updated and the economy will always be renewing itself with the evolution of blockchains.

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